Brandon Clark – CEO & Co-Founder

16 years in the UAS industry. 3000 flight hours with over 2000 hours of instructor time across three platforms; that includes the RQ-7B Shadow, Aerosonde and MQ-1C Gray Eagle. Brandon was a traveling instructor for both Shadow and Gray Eagle. Who trained U.S. Army soldiers as they returned from combat with new equipment upgrade training. He also participated in the test programs for both platforms conducting flight tests in both Dugway, UT and El Mirage, CA. Part 61 with IFR as well.

While in the Aerosonde program, Brandon’s role was head of integrations and acceptance. As new hardware would be released, he would be tasked with finding the correct configuration of that hardware to have it installed on the aircraft. Brandon would build, ground test, and flight test each aircraft prior to it shipped to a deployed location. He also trained civilian personnel for ISR combat missions to help augment the military in deployed environments.

The last role Brandon was in, was that of a field engineer for research and development on the Resolute Eagle platform. He created ground and acceptance flight test plans, configuration design and management, development of a new engine design and new engine testing procedures.

Brandon served seven years in the U.S. Army as an Unmanned Aircraft Operator. He had three deployments, one to Iraq and two to Afghanistan. He provided aerial support to combat troops to give a birds eye view of the battlefield for more situational awareness.

3000 flight Hours, 2000 instructor time
Part 61 w/IFR
U.S Army Instructor Operator



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