David Quintanilla – COO & Co-Founder

Mr. David Quintanilla is a driven co-founder who has been in the unmanned aircraft system (UAS) industry since 2007. Prior to co-founding Volatus Group, David was the Director of Research and Development at PAEISR LLC. developing and implementing innovative technologies that targeted future company goals and system requirements. His knowledge of UAS operations, aviation and technical aptitude bridged the awareness between engineers and end users to decrease R&D durations and increase system performance.

David has numerous flight hours and sorties logged across multiple platforms, which include systems utilization on land and maritime operations. His responsibilities required him to be a certified pilot, payload operator and maintainer for the Resolute Eagle aircraft, ScanEagle aircraft, Persistent Ground Surveillance System (PGSS) TIF-25K and TCOM 22M aerostats. His thorough understanding of each system’s limitations and capabilities allowed him to integrate them onto cross-platforms for the clients. Some of the examples of his integrations include remote relay terminals, remote viewing stations or remote command and control consoles onto ground transports, ships, manned aircraft and delivery vehicles to enhance the overall effectiveness.

The UAS industry has provided the career growth for David to maintain positions as: Director of R&D, Operations Manager, Program Manager, systems programmer, electrical systems designer, mechanical systems designer, business development, instructor, chief pilot, demo team, operations team lead, UAS pilot, payload operator, advanced system maintainer and ground crew. David’s background provides him the understanding from each perspective and the experience in those roles to determine the correct solutions.

The years leading up to the UAS industry, after the military, David attained his degree, continued his knowledge of software development, programming, electronics, communication, broadcasting distribution systems, radio and satellite transmissions, signal dissemination and security. David’s time in the U.S. Navy may have set the pace for his mentality of always being up for the challenge and opportunity, but it is that very foundation of experience that he is appreciative of.



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