Michael Avery – Director of Training

Mike is an Army Veteran with 24 plus years of service, who, for the past 15 years has been engrossed in the field of unmanned aircraft systems. Mike also has 12 years of civilian UAS experience.

Mike is a certified standardization instructor operator qualified on the RQ-7B Shadow, the RQ-11 Raven, And the Resolute Eagle with over 3000 hours of total flight time and over 1000 hours of instructor time. Mike is also certified in Piccolo Command Center. Mike has operated in U.S. national, and international airspace. Mike has been involved in multiple UAS training exercises.

Mike has held a variety of positions in the UAS industry including: Aircraft Operator, Payload Operator, Instructor Operator, Standardization Operator, Aircraft Commander, Mission Coordinator, Mission Commander, Mission Briefing Officer, Final Mission Approval Authority, Training Team Lead, New Equipment Training Team Supervisor, Flight Training Manager and Director of Training.

While serving in the Army Mike has taken the opportunity to transition from multiple job categories. First starting in the Artillery field, then onto the Calvary Scout field before moving to Military Intelligence where he started his UAS career. Not long after joining the Military Intelligence his UAS job category was transitioned into the Aviation field. From all these different positions held, Mike has gained a multitude of operational experience. Mike had also assisted in COA approval for the US Army unit he served in.

Mike has always had a passion for teaching UAS, from his earliest experience in the industry to his accumulating positions held. Mike has written programs, built curriculum, stood up training teams and managed training departments.

Taking on the challenges the UAS industry has to offer, Mike along with his partners, offer their diverse backgrounds and expertise to assist organizations of all kinds to successfully navigate the ever-changing environment that is the unmanned aviation community.

U.S. Army:
UAS Operator Course RQ-7B / RQ-11
Standardization Instructor Operator Course

Private Pilot Ground School

Industry Certification/Experience:
RQ-7B Shadow Operator/Instructor/Standardization
RQ-11 Raven Operator
Resolute Eagle Maintainer/Operator
Piccolo Autopilot control center course
Engineering Test Operator
Groups 1 & 3 UAS / VTOL



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