Another amazing week has happened for Volatus Group. Still moving forward with the schoolhouse. Partnership with BMCC to create a 2 years UAS bachelor’s degree program plus more opportunities.

We are pursuing the statement of work/partnership with other company’s completed here in the next two weeks or less with them having people here in June.

The reality is that we are on the precipice of the Autonomous Age. We are the foundation in which the infrastructure should be built upon through our standardization. The ones to survive the internet boom were the companies that invested in the infrastructure of the web. The safest thing you can do is make something standardized. We are going to help fix this archaic way of thinking and go back to the First Principles to what it means to be a UAS operator/pilot.

I am passionate about what we are trying to accomplish and with all your help we all will succeed. It will be a battle but who our group of people are, I fully believe we are going to a place no one in our industry has been before.

Brandon Clark

CEO & Co-Founder

Volatus Group LLC