Volatus has been busy and have added two more courses to our training roster which are UP3 and Flight Camp. These courses are a game changer in the UAS community allowing for entry into the job field by gaining real world experience right from the get go.

The Unmanned Aircraft System Professional Pilot Path, UP3, is a training program specifically designed to educate and prepare an individual to enter the commercial UAS industry as a fully qualified UAS operator / pilot. Though UP3 is SUAS knowledge test compliant this program goes well beyond the requirements outlined in 14 CFR Part 107, and has been created for those individuals and or companies who intend to operate unmanned aircraft of all sizes and designs for applications that go beyond the limited guidance set by the FAA. This program was created to be the UAS parallel path to FAA commercial pilot and holds the student to a similar standard. This approach sets the Volatus Group UP3 program far beyond other UAS training options and establishes its students in a position to be well prepared for the future.

Flight Camp is part of the UP3 program and is its own 2-week/80 block of flight training on an actual aircraft. You will be engrossed in the full operation of what it takes to successfully launch an aircraft in the National Airspace System here in Pendleton Oregon. You will be introduced to different pieces of the operation like Flight Operations Organizer, Mission Briefer, Pilot in Command and Flight/Ground Crew. Radio training is spread all throughout the course and by the time you leave you will have an understanding of all the radio calls needed for a operation.

I am extremely pleased with our team and the content we have created to show the world. I believe you will be pleased with it as well as it will set you apart from the old way of getting into the field.

Brandon Clark
CEO & Co-Founder
Volatus Group LLC