Nicholas “Nic” Guyer – Co-Founder/ CPO

Nic is an instrument rated private airplane and glider pilot, who, for the past 10 years has been engrossed in the field of unmanned aviation. Nic has assisted in obtaining multiple certificates of authorization (COA). Including advisory positions for COA approval for the US Army. Nic has conducted test flights on multiple platforms, including production, maintenance, R&D, and critical change flights. While participating on the Independent research and Development team Nic conducted extensive troubleshooting and system diagnostics for new system integration and mishap evaluation.

Nic is a certified instructor qualified on the RQ-7B Shadow, the MQ-1C Gray Eagle, And the Resolute Eagle with over 2000 hours of Pilot- in-command time and over 1500 hours of instructor time. Nic is also certified in Piccolo Command Center. Nic has operated in U.S. national, and international airspace.
Nic has held a variety of positions in the UAS industry including; Lead Flight Instructor, Test Standardization Pilot/ Evaluator, Site Lead, Project Manager, Program Manager, and Director of Flight Operations. While serving in the Army Nic served as the team leader for the intelligence component responsible for compiling and presenting the gathered information. This process refined Nic’s leadership skills and gave great opportunity to thrive under a high stress and critical timeline environment.

Nic is a critical thinker with a knack for overcoming problems in new ways, this combined with the above experiences have made Nic well versed in everything from, customer relationships, to conducting flight tests and executing new high-risk flights and everything in between.

Taking on the challenges the UAS industry has to offer, Nic along with his partners, offer their diverse backgrounds and expertise to assist organizations of all kinds to successfully navigate the ever changing environment that is the unmanned aviation community.

U.S. Army: UAS Operator Course, Instructor Operator Course,
RQ-7B, MQ-1C
FAA: Part 61:Private Pilot; Airplane, instrument; Glider; | Part 107: UAS Remote pilot
Industry Certification/Experience:
RQ-7B Shadow Operation/Instructor/Standardization.
MQ-1C Gray Eagle Operation/Instructor/Standardization.
Resolute Eagle Maintainer/Operation/Instructor/Evaluator/Standardization Evaluator.
Piccolo Autopilot control center course,
IRAD Test pilot,
Groups 1,2,3&4 UAS, VTOL,
RC pilot (Helicopter, Fixed Wing, Multirotor)



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