Aviation Fundamentals for Autonomous Operations

Aviation Fundamentals for Autonomous Operations is the first step in professional career progression in Unmanned Aerial Systems. This 40 hour course introduces the individual to the world of aviation with a focus on applying this knowledge to operating Unmanned Aircraft Systems(UAS) of all sizes. The student will start with the history of unmanned aircraft and learn about the applicable regulations and process outlined by the FAA for both manned and unmanned aircraft and operations. This covers all subjects and materials covered in the FAA’s Part 107 SUAS(Small Unmanned Aircraft System) knowledge test, and goes beyond the minimum requirements to ensure the student has a safe, valid and applicable knowledge base to build from.

Aviation Fundamentals for Autonomous Operations is designed for those who are interested in moving into the field of unmanned aviation without previous aviation experience. This includes those who already possess the part 107 SUAS pilots license and are wanting to move into larger aircraft that operate in more complex environments and airspace.

This course is a prerequisite for all follow-on Volatus UAS courses unless the individual has previous aviation experience ie. a private pilot knowledge test.


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